On the topic of Witch Hunts

Greatest political witch hunt in U.S. history?

I’m thinking that might have been the last 25 years when a certain woman was, among many other things, subjected to a two year Whitewater investigation that turned up nothing, subjected to a two year Benghazi investigation that turned up nothing, subjected to a two year email investigation that turned up nothing, accused by many in her own party of being a secret agent for Monsanto, or Walmart, or Goldman Sachs, targeted in a cyber disinformation campaign by the Russian government with the public encouragement of her opponent, targeted by fake news stories daily fabricated by Eastern European hackers because they found it drove up click rates, accused of running a pedophile ring out of a Washington DC pizza parlor to the extent that some wacko came and shot the place up, accused with no evidence of running a charitable foundation for her financial benefit, had chants of “Lock Her Up” directed at her at the Republican National Convention (led by a man who is now seeking an immunity deal with the DOJ), accused of MURDERING her political opponents, accused of being somehow an agent of rather than a victim of her husband’s philandering, and yes, LITERALLY BEING CALLED A WITCH and many worse things by her charming opponents.