It occurred to me while watching tonight’s debate that the consistent thread with Donald is that he is a man utterly without honor.

He has supported trying to negotiate downward the value of US Government obligations, real estate tycoon style — utterly without fiduciary honor.

He has supported reneging on US commitments to NATO allies — utterly without diplomatic honor.

He has insulted Khizr Khan, who lost a son in Afghanistan, and John McCain, who spent years imprisoned in Hanoi — no patriotic honor.

In his private business has stiffed his creditors repeatedly. Not only is his word worth nothing, he treats with contempt the idea that it should be worth something — “that’s business.” No. Successful business people, as opposed to grifters, carefully maintain their reputations for integrity.

He has claimed, falsely, that he opposed the Iraq war — but at the same time said that as long as we did fight the war, we “should have taken the oil,” showing a complete indifference to principle.

When confronted with a history of blatant racial discrimination by his real estate company, his response is neither defiance nor contrition but “we settled that suit with no admission of guilt” — as if a plea bargain is equivalent to doing the right thing.

He bragged that he would get Mexico to pay for a border wall. Then he met with the President of Mexico and didn’t think to mention the topic. Because he doesn’t really mean the things he says, which is the hallmark of a man utterly without honor.

He interrupts and insults Hillary Clinton during their debate — utterly without the kind of honor that qualifies one as a gentleman.

At his rallies he calls her “Crooked Hillary” because he’s fired up by his rabid supporters. He won’t do that to her face because he is a dishonorable coward.

I could go on, and on, and on. The sheer volume of Donald’s dishonorable actions and utterances over the years is mind boggling.

Seeing and interacting with someone with no sense of honor is an unpleasant, unsettling, disturbing experience. Seeing that person on TV for months on end is almost intolerable. Donald’s Presidential campaign is a disgusting, stomach-turning spectacle to anyone with a sense of decency. I cannot wait for it to be over. I pray Hillary, who did wonderfully tonight, can close this out strong.