The Book

Although I may never find a tenure track job, it looks like at least I’m going to be a published author. Princeton University Press will publish my book, Building the Land of Dreams: The American Transformation of New Orleans, in tPU Presshe fall of 2015. The reader’s reports are back, and were very positive; my revisions should be complete by this fall, and actually the fact that I’m teaching a slightly reduced schedule should actually help with this a bit.

In New York in July I will meet Brigitta Van Rheinberg, who will be my editor, and whose smart comments about the manuscript really sealed the deal for Princeton. The other top contender was LSU Press, which would have been great too, and a natural fit for the book in many ways; but Brigitta’s enthusiasm and understanding really made the difference.

I am so psyched. This is a good thing!


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