Presenting … Ch. 3?!?!

I think I’m finished Chapter 3. It took almost two months longer than I wanted it to, and is much, much longer than I expected: 41 pages (with 11 point Times and 1.5 line spacing), almost 16,000 words. And, although it’s hard to say right now, I think it’s pretty good. Definitely more of an accomplishment than my first two chapters.

I may have permitted myself just a bit too much in the way of rhetorical flourishes and dramatic devices as the chapter wound to a close, in summing up Laussat’s 1803 and especially in describing his emotions and personality. It does verge into melodrama and away from scholarly history in quite pronounced fashion. I think I will live with this for a day, and see tomorrow whether anything really needs to be toned down before I send this to my readers.

But in any case, it’s a good feeling to have finally wound my way through this long, twisting tunnel.